PhotoFTP - support page

Please write to the following email to report bugs: I will reply ASAP.

support AT imhere DOT x10hosting DOT com

I will post here new release dates and known bugs.

23rd Oct 2011 We are reviewing the tiers policy: Photo FTP Manager and Photo FTP Manager 5 will be sold at 1.99$ and .99$.
Photo FTP Manager 10 and Photo FTP Manager 2 will be removed from the store. If you bought them please send an e-mail to the support address specifying which version you have: we will give you a promo code to download Photo FTP Manager for free in place of the 10 folders version or a promo code to download Photo FTP Manager 5 for the 2 folders version.
22nd Oct 2011 Photo FTP Manager v. 1.3.2 has been released for review. It contains:
- iOS5 support
- all icons and buttons support retina display now.
3rd August 2010 Photo FTP Manager v. 1.3.1 has been released: geo-tagging support and a lot of fixes released. iOS4 and retina display are supported by design.
16th May 2010 Photo FTP Manager-iPAD v. 1.2.0. has been refused by Apple because a mere porting cannot be admitted as an iPad-specific app I'm going to implement additional features on this app in order to get it out.
10th May 2010 Photo FTP Manager-iPAD v. 1.2.0 has been submitted for review. It is a mere porting hence a low price (1$) has been set.
29th Apr 2010 Photo FTP Manager v. 1.2.0 (full version only) with an embedded FTP server is on the Apple Store. Get it !
23th Apr 2010 Last promotional codes to get the App for free on the US Apple store are available. Just send and e-mail to with subject "PhotoFTP promotional code".
23th Apr 2010 v. 1.1.0 ready an Apple Store: All versions!!!.
18th Apr 2010 v. 1.1.0 submitted for review: All versions!!!.
15th Mar 2010 v. 1.0.1 release (Full version only).
7th Mar 2010 v. 1.0.1 submitted for review (Full version only).
24th Dec 2009 2/5/10-folders versions released on the Apple Store.
19th Dec 2009 2/5/10-folders versions submitted for review.
14th Dec 2009 v. 1.0 released.

FTP Server :
1. go to FTP Server Tab
2. Click on "start" button.
3. Upload your file (ftp server connections info are displayed on devices). Insert empty strings for user and password
6. Click on the "Stop" button to turn off the server.

Create an account on DriveHQ :
1. Open this link DriveHQ.
2. Click on "sign up for free" button in the "DriveHQ Online File Storage & Sharing" section.
3. Follow the instructions(remeber username and password).
4. Start PhotoFTP and select a folder in the folder panel.
5. Setup the ftp server on PhotoFTP: ftp site url = "", user and pass are that you inserted at point 3.
6. Click on the "save settings" icon.
7. Click on the "remote" button in the folder panel to remotize the folder. Enjoy!!!
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